The Star Wars Universe has long been loved by millions of fans across the globe. Whether games, comics, books or other media, we could not get enough!

With Shadows of the Empire, Lucasfilm released a marketing plan designed to discover if there was still interest in new movies. They produced a novel, video games, comics, toys and various other merchandise. It even got its own soundtrack, composed by Joel McNeely. All done through the Expanded Universe.

And the fans answered like we always will for the Expanded Universe, allowing Steve Perry's novel to reach 5th among fiction books and 10th among paperback fiction on the New York Times Bestseller List.

Now the fans are asking for more Legends. The following is a sample of the dedicated fans that funded the billboard in order for show Lucasfilm how deep their commitment is to the story they cultivated for nearly 40 years. Below is the list of donors that wished their names to be released. On the following pages you will hear their personal and heartfelt messages to Lucasfilm, with the hope the Legends timeline will continue. May the force be with you.

  • Shane Platt
  • Andrew Rodriguez
  • cmevans5
  • fantos28
  • Christopher Ankrum
  • nginn29
  • Carl Poole III
  • Brian Daniels
  • Mark Kuligowski
  • jevil
  • bbriggs18
  • kcbrode
  • mike.s.ludwig
  • Dustin Vaughn
  • vincentfermo
  • Lokrin Ennckl
  • Mark Kuligowski
  • Sean Kober
  • d.j.bradbrook
  • iain.lennox
  • Crystal Perros
  • Jeremiah Horjus
  • rtkinel
  • Baptiste
  • Gonzalo Herreros
  • Ryan Moberley
  • Julia Paternoster
  • maciej.nowotny
  • Arthur Winogrodzki
  • R3LiC77
  • Asim Zakai
  • Paul from Germany
  • Andrew White
  • shawnlcowden
  • Lars Blako
  • darthxion13
  • Daniel Santoro
  • elfking84
  • darth.karol
  • dyannenova
  • David Chiprut
  • wraith_02
  • boroughmedley
  • roosterp52
  • Timothy Moore
  • Matthew Barnes
  • Emmitt Malcolm
  • Tevya Smolka
  • kypside
  • Brian Borg
  • Jack Han
  • pdp8
  • Kim Smedley-Williams
  • Lynne Phillips
  • Lois Babis
  • sloan.springer
  • Bill Adkins
  • denista1
  • Jason Hanes
  • Jason G-Hall
  • kamenridergumo
  • Jayden Young
  • Craig Gaskin
  • H├ęctor Herrera

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