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Hello Everyone!

Welcome to our first fundraiser for the 2020 calendar year!  

We are starting off our efforts this year with a bang! Thanks to a successful campaign at the tail end of 2019, we are now aiming to head to THREE hospitals in the month of May to donate Star Wars Legends books!

As of right now, we have the following locations in line with one more just about confirmed!

May 4th 2:00 PM - Texas Scottish Right Hospital for Children - Dallas!  - We are returning to our first Texas donation location on May 4th to celebrate the day by bringing Star Wars books to the hospital's patients!  We are once again requesting the aid of the 501st Legion in escorting the books to their recipients!  This is looking like it will be a fantastic time!

Find out more about this hospital by visiting this link:

May 13th 2:30 PM - Phoenix Children's Hospital - We are once again returning to the Phoenix Children's Hospital in Arizona, this time on May 13th to crash a party our friends at the 501st Legion's Dune Sea Garrison were already planning on having!  As with our previous visits, this event will be in the The Zone, a playroom for patients where we get to set up a full spread of the books we will be bringing with your help!  

Find out more about this hospital by visiting this link:

June TBD - Children's Hospital Los Angeles - Though we don't yet know when this donation event will be happening we are happy to once again be working with Children's Hospital of Los Angeles. When we get confirmation on the new date we will be reaching out to the local 501st Garrison for help with escorting another batch of books to their targets, the hands of the kids at the hospital!

Find out more about this hospital by visiting this link:

And now for the rest of the necessary information! As with our previous book fundraisers, we like to offer our donors a couple perks. They are as follows!

$10.00 - Wild Knight Discord Access! - Join your fellow book donors and Twin Suns Foundation volunteers on Discord!  The Star Wars Legends server run by Twin Suns Foundation has an exclusive voice chat and text chat channel dedicated to Wild Knights, donors who have helped bring Star Wars stories to children in many different locations over the past four years!  Twin Suns Foundation's volunteers typically use this voice channel to discuss which books to bring to the hospital locations for donation and shop live, taking input from interested Wild Knights as they go! Do you want to know a bit more of how Twin Suns Foundation makes use of the funds we raise with your help?  This is the perk for you!

Everyone is welcome to join our discord by using the following link:

$100.00 - Guest Host on Princes of the Universe - Matt Wilkins returns!  Longtime friend of Twin Suns Foundation and volunteer himself, Matt Wilkins invites anyone who donates $100.00 or more to guest host on his podcast, Princes of the Universe.  This podcast covers just about every topic popular in geekdom circles and not just Star Wars.  So if you want to discuss something other than Star Wars, this could be a good opportunity! Of course, individuals who earn this perk and who wish to discuss Star Wars will find a very willing host in Matt Wilkins! We highly recommend going for this perk if you can afford it.  Matt loves taking with fans about all sorts of things and it is almost always a good time!

What will funds we raise be going towards? As outlined above, the goal of $1,350.00 will be combined with excess funds raised during our last fundraiser in 2019.  $1150.00 of the goal plus the extra funds we received last year will primarily be going towards purchasing new Star Wars books as the hospitals require any donated books to be new! The remain $200 raised will go towards Twin Suns Foundation's operating costs with $50 of that being used to cover the PayPal fees. The other $150 will be going to things such as keeping our website operating and secure, and covering business licensing fees.

Any funds we raise beyond our goal of $1,350.00 will be set aside for future events planned for later this year! (We have a busy year planned and will need everyone's help to make those plans into reality!)

Twin Suns Foundation is a 501 C(3) tax exempt entity! This means donations made by residents within the United States of America are tax deductible! Be sure to take advantage of this when you file taxes and are a U.S. resident!

And with that, all the necessary bits of information have been covered! Three hospital locations targeted for book donations in the month of May! We are dreaming of bringing as many Star Wars books as we can to all three locations, and with your assistance, we can turn those dreams into a reality!  

Be sure to check back here and with our social media accounts for updates on the fundraiser's progress! Share this effort with family, friends and your fellow fans! Together, we can bring stories from a galaxy far, far away to kids across the world!

Thank you!

~Twin Suns Foundation Team

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