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Greetings Star Wars fans and fellow book lovers across the world!

We here at Twin Suns Foundation are glad to be back again for Star Wars Reads Month! As many of you likely know by now, Twin Suns Foundation likes to participate in Star Wars Reads month by donating Star Wars books to places like childrens' hospitals, libraries and schools.

This donation is a particularly special one for us here at Twin Suns Foundation.


It will be our first time organizing and donating to a donation event outside of the United States, a goal we have long held and something we hope to continue to expand upon in the future if this effort proves successful!

So where are our targets this time around for Star Wars Reads Month?

We have two locations selected in the city of Toronto within Canada!

The first location target for donations is the Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital

We intend to provide 40 Star Wars books to an event sometime around Halloween for the kids there to enjoy! We are not able to confirm 501st presence at this event as of yet, however it is likely they will be attending as they have done work at this location before! Both the hospital and our volunteers are working to make this happen as we know the 501st really adds to the kids enjoyment of these events!


Our second donation location, we aim to aid the SickKids Hospital Foundation

This location we are aiming to bring between 20 and 30 books to the kids at this location. It is possible that if enough funds are raised, we will be able to bring even more books to this location as well!

So what will it take to bring Star Wars stories to the kids at these two locations? Our goal this time is $800.00 USD. With your help, fellow fans and readers, we can easily obtain this goal.

If this event goes particularly well, we will also look to expand our future fundraising efforts to more and more places across the world!


$15.00 or more - Wild Knight Discord Access! - Join your fellow book donors and Twin Suns Foundation volunteers on Discord! The Star Wars Legends server run by Twin Suns Foundation has an exclusive voice chat and text chat channel dedicated to Wild Knights, donors who have helped bring Star Wars stories to children in many different locations over the past six years! Twin Suns Foundation's volunteers typically use this voice channel to discuss which books to bring to the hospital locations for donation and shop live, taking input from interested Wild Knights as they go! Do you want to know a bit more of how Twin Suns Foundation makes use of the funds we raise with your help? This is the perk for you!

Our goal at Twin Suns Foundation is to encourage minds (young and old) to read, improving literacy through the engaging story telling found within Star Wars novels. With your donations, we can make that happen! If you are unable to assist financially at this time, please know that you can also help us out by spreading the word about this fundraiser, our organization and our efforts!  Also know that we are always looking to do additional events, so if you cannot help us this time, there is always next time!


If for some reason you cannot donaet through PayPal you can send us a check to

Twin Suns Foundation

2017 E Pinto Drive 

Gilbert, AZ 85296

Remember, Twin Suns Foundation is a 501 C(3) tax exempt organization.  Donations made to us in the pursuit of our goals will be tax deductible in most instances!

Thank you and may The Force be with us all!

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